Welcome to Big Reverse Mortgage .Com! Why big? For starters, we’re a big website, providing lots of information on reverse mortgage products across the country. We provide information on reverse mortgage loans online as well as a list of lenders in some areas. We offer tips and discuss the application process. Dozens of articles and blog posts to give you the information needed to make the decision. We also search for lenders in your area, based on state, city, county, and even zip code. We also answer many big reverse mortgage questions, like what is a reverse mortgage, how do you get one, how do you qualify, etc. There is a new breed of loan, a high dollar reverse mortgage, drawing on equity up to 4 million dollars. Now that’s a big reverse mortgage! We discuss that in detail as well. The information provided here is not a solicitation of credit. We do not make loans. We provide free information online, as well as a list of lenders in some areas. Feel free to review HUD and NRML information as well as AARP and other respected organizations.

Traditional HECM Reverse Mortgage Loans

The original government loan product and the most popular reverse mortgage loan. Seniors age 62 and up can get tax free cash and NOT pay the money back in their lifetime. A true winner!

HECM Loans for Home Purchase

The original government loan product, with a twist! This is a reverse mortgage that allows seniors, age 62 or older, to purchase a new principal residence using loan proceeds from the reverse mortgage.

High Dollar Reverse Mortgages

These are big reverse mortgages, up to 4 millions dollars in equity. Many reverse mortgage companies have their own private version of this jumbo loan product.

The Reverse Mortgage Secret…

If you are 62, you can exercise a secret option which will completely relieve financial stress using the equity in your home as a source of tax free income. The reverse mortgage is a unique financial product for seniors. There are big reverse mortgages (up to 4 millions dollars in equity) but smaller amounts are possible too. It depends on the equity in your home and other qualifying factors. With this type of loan, you never lose title to your home or you are in complete control of the reverse mortgage process. The tax-free cash (lump sum or monthly income stream) allows you to take care of practical matters: pay bills, cover medical expense, make home repairs, etc. You could even take a Caribbean cruise or relax on the golf course. More than anything else, the extra money from a big reverse mortgage will offer financial relief and peace of mind!

Many Seniors have come into hard times with medical bills or other unforeseen life circumstances. Sadly their fixed income is not enough and they are forced to take part time jobs or suffer the indignity of calling kids or other relatives to ask for financial help. Some can’t do either and must make ends meet with less. The thoughts of a relaxing vacation have been replaced by the thought of survival. A big reverse mortgage could be a life saver in this instance.

Next Steps…

It’s not easy making the big reverse mortgage decision. But remember a reverse mortgage allows you to keep the title to your home, yet eliminate financial stress. Just visit one of the lenders we provide for your area or click the button to the right to learn more. Whether you need a big reverse mortgage (high dollar) or smaller loan amount, there are licensed people in your area to help!